Roof Restoration Thornton

A-Z Roof Coating recently completed a roof restoration Thornton NSW Australia.  

Our client’s grey cement tile roof demonstrated wear and tear. It was clear the residential property would benefit from our experienced roof painter. With a few minor repairs, quality roofing products and knowledge and experience after a years in the industry. We were able to complete the restoration process quickly. 


The modern looking brick home had all the aesthetics ; well maintain lawns, paths and driveway, just needed a little roof maintenance. Who better to enlist than a fully licenced and insured roof painter. 

After arranging an a FREE inspection and quote to have the roof restored.  A-Z Roof Coating took no time at all to get to work.

The Roof Restoration Process:

Beginning the process, we pressure cleaned to remove any dirt and impurities from the roof. This gives us a clean surface for the roof sealant to be applied.

Working on this particular job, the client’s roof experienced cracking on the ridge capping as seen below.


The ridge cappings of the property were then repaired and repointed using Selley’s flexible repointing compound; which is designed to withstand category 4 winds

Now with the minor roof repairs complete, we were able to continue the roof restoration process. The roof was then:

Roof Restoration Thornton Completed

As you can see, the pictures above speak volume for how much of an improvement and how having your roof restored can give new life to your property.

The home now has an amazingly fresh and modern look, which matches the aesethics of the property and our client can rest assured knowing that the roof will continue to protect their family and their belongings for years to come.


Does your roof need restoration?

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